4-Bit Parallel Adder/ Subtractor

4-Bit Parallel Adder/ Subtractor

Scientech DB19 4-Bit Parallel Adder/ Subtractor is a compact, ready to use experiment board for parallel adder and substractor. This board is useful for students to study and understand the operation of  4-Bit Parallel Adder/ Subtractor and verify its truth table.


Model: Scientech DB19


Scientech Digital Electronics Experiment Boards are designed as a comprehensive Modular solution for beginners to explore the fundamentals of a variety of basic building blocks in Digital Electronics. The boards are very user friendly and support self learning through flexibility of making circuit connections. Logic diagrams on the boards provide easy understating of the concepts. Test points are provided to observe the waveforms/ signals and to measure voltages at different nodes. The boards can be used as standalone unit with external DC Power Supply and logic data switches, or can be used with Scientech Digital Labs; Scientech 2611/Scientech 2614. These labs have built in DC Power Supplies, Pulse Generator, Pulser Switches, Data Switches, Logic Probe, Digital Display, TTL/CMOS Mode Selector, and LED Display.


  • On board test points to observe signals
  • On board Logic diagram
  • Flexibility of making circuit connections
  • Light weight & compact
  • Online Product Tutorial

Scope of Learning

  • To study parallel adding of 4 bit with carry
  • To study parallel subtraction of 4 bit with carry


  • AD-01 DC Power Supply (±12V, ± 5V)
  • Simtel Digital Electronics Software


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