LCD Color TV Trainer-RA-101A


Model: RA-101A


Technical Parameter

Trainer Type: Flat ,Wall Fitting System

Broadcast system PAL/ SECAM/ NTSC.

Size of Trainer 48 inch

Size of LCD 20 inch

Power requirements 220/50/1Ph

Antenna impedance 75 Ohm,10W

Channels VHF channel 1 – 12

UHF channel 21 – 68

Power Consumption:60-120Watt

Operating Temparature:0-35 C

Port Facility: Computer Monitor ,Pen Drive, Memory Card Etc

Control Both Manual and Remote System

Sound system built-in speaker for dynamic Hi-Fi sound, 6 WATT

Fault system Wave form test points are 18.

Fault System is 35 Faults.

The trainer includes an electronically selectable fault system using toggle

switches mounted inside a secured box.

The faults when activated by the fault switch it can be viewed on the test point by comparing the wave form of the test points with the ideal state.

Any number of faults can be activated at the same time.

Circuit board Solid state system incorporating integrated circuits and micro-processor


On screen indicator System controls activate an on screen indicator to show current channel,

tuning frequency, volume level, color level, brightness level and skip. This

feature is very useful for training as it provides a graphic representation of

control settings.

Stand Chassis TV is secured inside a panel on a special stand chassis which exposes all

circuit schematics and test points for erase of work.


Courseware :

a) factory service manual

b) student job sheets, fault guide, wiring diagram



a) English User Manual

b) Connecting connector


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