Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning kit-AL-AIK-I


Model: AL-AIK-I


Key Features:

Sensor data collection is implemented around Open Hardware Platform, so anyone can experience artificial intelligence service. You can experience everything from basic theories for machine learning to algorithms for implementation. It is possible to teach deep running which is the basis of machine learning. Provides services for machine learning and deepening learning using sensor Flow for high performance numerical calculation. Provides voice recognition service using Google’s API. In addition, sensors and actuators can be controlled and monitored via speech recognition. Provides 10 basic sensor data bases and application examples. Provides unit module practice function using firmware to learn sensor information and actuator control exercises for acquiring IoT basic skills for each module. By building a gateway, it is possible to carry out various projects through sensor information monitoring and remote access control function. Provide AWS-based cloud services. Android-based cloud interworking app is provided


* Raspberry pi 3

* LED panel

* Switch Panel

* Senor Module

* Speaker

* Data cable

* Power Cable


* Stepper motor

* DC motor

* Bluetooth

* Buzzer

* Arduino ADK 2560 Warranty: 2 Years


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