Low Transmission Switchgear (1250A ACB Adjustable) Equipment Panel-AL-LTSG 1250A-ACB


Model: AL-LTSG 1250A-ACB



Here, all Low Transmission Switchgear equipment we use ABB, Switzerland. For this reason the quality will be very high. Also IEC/NEMA Standard LT Panel using 1250A ACB (Adjustable) and Others Accessories as per IEC requirements for LT Panel of Electric Sub-Station Supply of 16 SWG Sheet steel clad, dust and vermin proof, free standing, floor mounting type, Complete Factory assembled 3- phase 4-wire 415V, 50 Hz indoor type Low Tension Switchgear panel, having Suitable Earthing 1250A hard drawn electrolytic copper bus bar & comprising of followings.


Panel Size: ( L 700 x W 550 x H 1700)mm

Incoming: 01 No.1250A, 65kA, ACB with Shunt Opening & Closing Release, Under Voltage Trip Coil, Gear Motor, Door Frame, Ultimate breaking capacity V AC 50/60 HzIcu (kA rms) at 440 V:42/50/66/130:

Rated service breaking capacity Ics (kA rms) at 440 V:42/50/130

Rated short-time withstand current V AC 50/60 Hz Icw (kA rms) 0.5 s:42/50/10,

Position of neutral: Left/right

Compliant with IEC /EN 60947-2 Annex H

03 Nos. Current Transformer, ratio : 800/5A With Suitable accuracy and burden.

01 Nos. Multi meter, 0 – 9999A

03 Nos. Indicating Lamp.

01 Set of Control Fuse.

01 Nos Panel Type Digital/Analog Ampere Meter, Volt Meter,

01 Nos. every device OVERCURRENT & EARTH FAULT RELAYS, Under-Over Voltage Relay, Phase Sequence Relay.

Country Origin of CT,PT & ACB : ABB, Switzerland.

*Front Door of LT Panel must be used transparent fiber/glass door of easy visibility.

*It will be use trolley wheel system as per weight of the panel.

*LT Panel Size,Colling system,Busbar Size, Insulator’s and other

*Accessories will be installed according to IEC guidelines.


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