Model: AL-955A


Comprehensive training on basic electronic circuit modules
Measuring practice using Electronic Circuits and Power Supply Module

Suitable for prerequisite course who major electronic engineering
Improve the student techniques in handling the electronic circuits

Application practice by each of other module connection
provide 25 different modules
provide Power Supply Module
TEST Pin on each module boards
Advantage us

Technical Specification:
Diode / Constant-voltage rectifier module-2 EA

BJT Bias / Amplifier module-5 EA
FET Bias / Amplifier module-4 EA
Differentiator / Integrator / Adder module-3 EA

Oscillator module-5 EA
Filter module-3 EA
Power control module-1 EA
Mixer / Power amplifier module-2 EA
Power Supply Module-1 EA
Components: Carrying box-1 EA,

The finished module-25 EA,

Power Supply Module-1 EA,

Manual book-1 BOOK

ing one connection cable between each modules and Power Supply Module.



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