Model: AL-714A


1, Comprehensive strong: not only can finish “motor drag” experiments and also can finish single, three-phase transformer experiment, still can expand electrical control technology experiment.

2,Complete strong: the instrument, special power supply, motor and other experimental unit and the connecting line are complete.

3, Motor rail adopt the stainless steel, plate using 20 mm thick steel plate, the motor running noise small, never deformation, to ensure the long-term operation of the equipment.

4, Use the “correction DC dynamometer” measuring prime mover output power, completely overcome the previous “eddy current dynamometer” dead zone, big error shortcoming. Supporting small motor through special design, its characteristics and parameters can simulate the small and

medium-sized motor, students through the experiment can deepen the understanding of the motor theory.

medium-sized motor, students through the experiment can deepen the understanding of the motor theory.

5, Equipped with voltage type and current mode leakage protection, inter phase, space overload or short circuit monitoring automatic protection function by the single chip microcomputer.

6, Setting with timer and alarm recorder, adapt to the laboratory open teaching, facilitate teacher manage and assess to experiment.

Technical parameter

1, Input power: three phase four wire 380V±10% 50Hz

2, Working environment: temperature – 10 ℃± 40 ℃relative humidity < 85%

3, Installed capacity: < 1.5 KVA

4, Weight: 300 kg

5, Dimension: 1600 x 750 x 1300 (mm)

Experiment project

  1. DC motor experiment

a), recognize experiments

  1. b) DC generator
  2. c) DC shunt motor
  3. d) DC motor start: series resistance start, reduction voltage start
  4. e) The method of DC motor change veer
  5. f) DC motor speed regulation characteristic experiment: change the armature loop in resistance, excitation circuit in a resistance, to reduce the armature voltage
  6. Single-phase transformer experiment

a), Single-phase transformer variable ratio K

b), Single-phase transformer no-load experiment, acquisition transformer no-load data IO, PO and UO.

c),Single-phase transformer short-circuit experiment, acquisition transformer short-circuit data UK, IK and RK.

d), Single-phase transformer load experiment, acquisition transformer load data UZ =f (IZ).

  1. Three-phase transformer experiment

a), Three-phase transformer winding polarity measurement

b), Three-phase transformer coupling group measurement

  1. Asynchronous motor experiment

a), Three-phase winding asynchronous motor stator resistance test

b), Three phase asynchronous motor no-load experiment: acquisition no-load voltage U0, current I0, three-phase power P0, draw no load characteristic curve

c), Three phase asynchronous motor short circuit experiment: acquisition shorted UK voltage, current IK, power PK, draw short circuit characteristic curve

d), Calculate three phase asynchronous motor parameter

e), Mechanical properties of three phase asynchronous motor in various operation conditions

Basic equipment

  1. Experiment table

The experiment table desktop is fire prevention, waterproof, wear-resisting high density board, modelling is beautiful and easy.

  1. Training screen

a), AC power: provide three-phase 0~450V adjustable ac power, at the same time can

get single-phase 0~250V adjustable ac power source (equipped with a set of three-phase gang self coupling voltage regulator, power 1.5 KVA). Adjustable ac power output place with over-current

protection units, when inter phase, space over current or direct short circuit all can alarm and cut off power supply. Equipped with three pieces of pointer ac voltmeter, through the switch to instruct a three-phase power grid voltage and three phase voltage output voltage, and a light indicator external power input and the work power output.

b), High voltage dc power supply: provide 220 v (0.5 A) excitation source and 0 ~ 250v (2 A) continuous adjustable voltage regulator armature power. And a digital voltmeter to instruct.

c), Timer and alarm recorder: has the setting time, timing alarm, cut off the power supply and record various alarm time function.

d), Measuring instrument

(1) Three pieces of dc digital ammeter: range 2000 mA, 0.5 grade

(2) Three pieces of dc digital voltmeter: range 300 v, 0.5 grade

(3) Three pieces of ac digital ammeter range 3 a, 0.5 grade

(4) Three pieces of ac digital voltmeter: range 500 v, 0.5 grade

(5) two pieces of power, power factor meter, can measure power and power factor of circuit. Power measurement accuracy is 1.0 grade, power factor measuring range 0.3-1.0, voltage current range is 450 V and 5 A , 5, two groups of three-phase switch, a group of single phase switch

f), Three-phase adjustable resistor (three groups of 90 Ω × 2/1.3 A)

g), Three-phase adjustable resistor (three groups of 900 Ω × 2/0.41 A)

  1. Equipment provide

a), Three pieces of single-phase transformer, primary side 220 v / 0.35 A, vice edge 55 V / 1.4 A

b), DC And (he) excitation motor 1 set

c), Correction dc dynamometer 1 set

d), Winding machine ac asynchronous motor 1 set

e), Stainless steel machine guide: light code disc speed system and digital tachometer, stainless steel rail flatness is good, no stress deformation, processing fine, good concentricity and compatibility, the motor running noise is small.

f), Light box load

g), Safety conductor: using high reliable sheath structure pistol plug connection method, with soft, pressure high, strength, prevent hardening, good toughness etc


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