Mechatronic Integration Training Equipment using PLC- AL-403A


Model: AL-403A



  1. The equipment whole is composed of aluminum alloy training platform, feeding institutions, carrying manipulator, material transfer and sorting institutions.
  2. The control system adopts module combine type, composed of PLC module, converter module, touch screen module, power supply module and all kinds of sensors, according to the need of training, combine, install and debug modules flexibly.
  3. It must have motor drive, mechanical transmission, pneumatic control, PLC, sensor, variable frequency speed regulation and so on, provide a typical system comprehensive training environment for students, make the students master professional knowledge and deepen consolidate fully, comprehensively and flexible application.
  4. It must be complete the following tasks:

4.1)Installation and commissioning project of the Pneumatic system:

  • Installation and commissioning of pneumatic system;
  • Installation of pneumatic direction control circuit;
  • Installation of pneumatic speed control circuit;
  • Installation of swing control circuit;
  • Installation of pneumatic sequence control circuit;
  • Installation of manipulator devices;


4.2)The installation of electrical control circuit and PLC programming project must be complete the following tasks:

  • Connection and control programming of motor positive and negative reversing control circuit;
  • Connection and control programming of motor speed regulation control circuit;
  • pneumatic direction control programming;
  • Pneumatic sequence action control programming;
  • Pneumatic robot control programming;
  • Belt conveyor control programming;
  • Mechanical and electrical integration equipment control programming;
  • Automatic production line control programming.


4.3)The installation and commissioning project of mechanical and electrical equipment must be complete the following tasks:

  • Adjustment of transmission device coaxial;
  • Installation and adjustment of belt conveyer;
  • Carrying manipulator equipment installation and commissioning;
  • Installation and commissioning of object sorting equipment;
  • Installation and commissioning of the feeding equipment;
  • Automatic production line equipment installation and commissioning.


4.4)Automatic control system installation and commissioning project must be complete the following tasks:

  • Installation and commissioning of a variety of sensor;
  • Automatic control of the manipulator;
  • Automatic control of belt conveyer;
  • Automatic control of mechanical and electrical integration equipment;
  • Installation and commissioning of PLC control system;
  • Installation and commissioning of automatic production line


4.5) It must be examine:

  • Assembly and adjustment ability of mechanical components;
  • Installation and commissioning ability of mechanical and electrical equipment;
  • Circuit installation capacity;
  • Installation and commissioning ability of pneumatic system;
  • Control program’s write ability of the electromechanical integration equipment;
  • Installation and commissioning ability of automatic control system;


5) PLC module I/O port of this training evaluation device, terminals of converter , the common module and the terminals of the PLC, they all connect with safety socket, use safety plug wire connect circuit ; Each command switch, photoelectric switch, sensors and the circuit of instructions components , they are connect through the terminals. Insertion and removing line connection circuit combine with terminal row connection circuit, and the combination of both guaranteed the training of, formed and consolidated, it not only ensure train, form and solidify of student basic skills, also ensure the fast, safety and reliability of electrical connection.


Equipment feature:

  • Personal and equipment safety protection measures:
  • Short-circuit protection: any two phase of power section have contact, means cut off power supply.
  • Overload protection: overload means load is oversize, exceed normal load of equipment itself, generating phenomenon is excessive current, electrical equipment fever, the long-term overload of line would reduce line insulation level, and even burn device or circuit;
  • Leakage protection: Power section has leakage phenomenon, current exceed certain value, and means cut off power supply.
  • Connection line and socket: whole closed structure, use safe, reliable, protection against electric shock
  • Ground protection: protective grounding is using enough thick metal wires connect metal shell of electrical equipment with ground depend on ground.
  • Emergence stop protection: when the equipment appear emergency or accident, press this switch, quickly cut off power supply.


System feature:

  • Equipment intuitive: Main equipment using installation form of directly expose, the equipment can be more intuitive showed before the students, decrease the transition and adjustment time from classroom to industry site.
  • Structure flexible: The system using module type structure, hanging box easy to change, the system use and combine more flexible, can meet content acquirements of experiment and training, etc.
  • Strong system artiness: This platform put Branded PLC, touch screen, transducer, industry AC/DC transmission, and industry sensor, etc industry site together. It can real simulate various control mode of industry site, make students can systematic learn automatic control, and also systematic know automatic control, avoided defect that single electricity components is very proficient, but not multi-electricity components control each other.
  • Equipment has strong openness and extensibility: teachers can according to their own teaching need replace major equipment easily and quickly.
  • Close to the site actuality: the equipment training content is for industrial site mainstream technology application, meet the development of the modern control technology, can satisfy students do experiments and curriculum design, meet needs of graduation project and school carry on project.
  • Outstanding training: The system can use the way that flexible patch board combine to the hanging box, can easily carry out all the small project design, fully exercise the students’ practical ability and problem solving ability.
  • Strong discipline ductility: the training device can meet teaching training requirements of the electrotechnics, the electrician skills training, the electric drive control circuit and skills training, the electrician training “, “advanced electric skill training, the maintenance electrician skills training, the PLC programming training”, “the electrical control technology”, and other relevant course and electrical instrumentation and measurement, electrical and automation class major in the technical secondary school and technical colleges.


Technical parameter:

  • AC power: single phrase AC220V±10% 50Hz;
  • Temperature:-10℃~40℃;Humidity: ≤90%(25℃);
  • Dimension: 1500mm×750mm×1750mm (Long x width × high)±10%
  • Capacity:≤1KVA
  • Air pump capacity: single phase AC220V, 0.37KW Gas reservoir :10L Pressure expulsion: 0.6~0.8MPA
  • Working pressure min. 0.6MPA


Must be complete the following Training projects:

1) Automatic testing technology application training

2) Pneumatic technology application training

3) PLC programming training

4) Touch screen technology application training

5) Transducer technology application training

6) Control drive technology application training

7) Mechanical system installation and debugging training

8) System maintenance and fault detect training

9) System communication technology application training


Module Configuration:

NO. Name Main components or type, specification Quantity Unit
1 Training platform 1500×750×1750 mm±10% 1 Piece
2 Power box Power total switch (with leakage and short circuit protection) 1, AC voltmeter 1, the start stop button control button 2, the power indicator 1, safety socket 6; 1 Set
3 Touch screen module TOUCH-DELTA

4.3”(480*272) 65,536 Colors TFT


Cortex-A8 800MHz CPU


512 MB RAM


256 MB ROM


Built-in Ethernet


1 COM port / 1 extension COM port


Multilingual input


USB Host


USB Client


CE / UL certified


Operation Temperature: 0℃ ~ 50℃


Storage Temperature: -20℃ ~ 60℃


Pressing times: >10,000K times
1 Piece
4 PLC module
  • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
  • Series: FX Series
1 Set
5 Transducer module Mitsubishi D720S,≥0.4 kW 1 Set
6 Material conveyor components Bunker1,push material cylinder 1,optoelectronic switch 1, fiber optical sensor 1,single control electromagnetic reversing valves 1; 1 Set
7 Pneumatic manipulator component Single out double rods cylinder 1, the single out rod cylinder 1, the gas paws 1, the rotating cylinder 1, the magnetic switch 8, buffer valve 2, non-standard screws 2, double control electromagnetic reversing valves 4; 1 Set
8 Belt conveyer components Three-phase reduction motor(380 V,output rotate speed 40r/min)1set,flat belt 1 piece,fiber optical sensor 1; 1 Set
9 Objects sorting components The single out rod cylinders 3,Inductive sensor 1, the light sensor 1, the capacity sensor 1, the magnetic switch 6, mirror reflecting photoelectric sensor 1, the objects guide groove 3, single control electromagnetic reversing valves 3. 1 Set
10 PLC input switch over module PLC-INPUT-24 Digital 1 Piece
11 PLC output switch over module PLC-OUTPUT-24 Digital (Relay type) 1 Piece
12 Caution light 1 Set
13 Material Metal 5 piece, Nylon black and red  each 5 15 Piece
14 Safety plug wire 1 Set
15 Air tube Φ4\Φ6 1 Set
16 PLC programming cable 1 Strip
17 PLC  programming software 1 Set
18 Touch screen and computer communication line 1 Strip
19 Touch screen and PLC communication line 1 Strip
20 Products supporting CD 1 Set
21 PLC operation manual 1 Piece
22 Transducer operation manual 1 Piece
23 Touch screen operation manual 1 Piece
24 Safety testing line 1 Several
25 User Manual Color Printed Book & Video CD 1 Set
26 Assort tool Inner hexagon 1 Set


Universal Motor

Type: Asynchronous Universal Motor

Frequency: 50Hz

Output Power: 1.5KW

Protect Feature: Totally Enclosed

Phase: Three-phase

AC Voltage: 380-400V

Efficiency:  IE 3

Insulation Class:  F class

Protection Class: IP55

Cooling mode: IC411

Housing: Cast Iron/Aluminum

Air temperature: -150C~+400C


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