Refrigeration System for Chiller Room


Model: RA-RAC-01



System Power: 04 (Four) HP

Room Temperature: +2° C (Degree Centigrade)
Compressor Q4-24.1Y, Suction line connection 28.6 mm – 1″1/8,
Liquid line connection 19.0 mm – 3/4″,
Number of fan 2,
Fan motor voltage at 50 Hz (others on request) 230-400V/3/50Hz V/ph/Hz,

Current for one fan at 50 Hz 1.13 (@230V) – 0.65 (@400V) A,

Power for one fan at 50 Hz 315 W,

Air flow to condenser at 50 Hz 11400 m3/h [50Hz],

Condenser volume 5.02 l, Liquid Receiver USLR06-M,

Installation Material

Copper pipe, Insulation,

Band, Elbow, Tee,

Expansion valve,

Solenoid valve,

Sight Glass, Filter, Refrigerant etc.




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