Relay Protection Control Trainer-AL-RPCT-I


Model: AL-RPCT-I


This system has been designed to enable students to connect and apply a wide range of electric, electronic protection relays with circuits of increasing complexity, besides verifying their characteristics. The training program is developed on interchangeable modules that enable to assemble the circuits with the mere connection of the modules via flexible leads of the equipment. The modules are wholly made of insulating material, the graphic representation with international electric symbols and the educational safety terminals enable to assemble and test electric circuits in short time.

Main subjects dealt with:

• Study of the operational characteristics of protection relays.

• Typical applications of protection relays.

• Identification number of the protection function.

• Combination of more relays to attain specific protection goals.


Set of modules for studying static protection relays and measuring transformers:


1 three-phase maximum-current and short-circuit relay, adjustment range 0,5-2A/1-16 A ac, auxiliary power supply of 230 V 50-60 Hz.


1 single-phase maximum or minimum current relay, adjustment range 0.1-5A/ 5-25 A ac/dc, auxiliary power supply of 230 V 50-60 Hz.


1 three-phase maximum and minimum voltage relay /N, adjustment range +10% / -15%, Ue 380-400 Vac, selfpowered.


1 single-phase maximum or minimum voltage relay, adjustment range 2-500 Vac/dc, auxiliary power supply of 230 V 50-60 Hz.


1 maximum and minimum frequency relay, 50-60 Hz, adjustment range + 10%, self-powered at 230 Vac.


1 phase sequence and voltage asymmetry relay for networks of 400 V, asymmetry adjustment range: 5 -15%, self-powered at 400 Vac.


1 auxiliary relay with two exchange contacts, driven by TTL/PLC signals / buttons of 24 Vdc for excitation, stop, start.


1 auxiliary relay with two exchange contacts, excitation 24 Vdc, 1 optical acoustic indicator of 24 Vac/dc.


1 timer relay with one exchange contact, multi-function, multi- range, multi-voltage, 24 Vac/dc


directional over current relay, 5 A – 400 V, auxiliary power supply of 230 Vac.


3 wound-primary current transformers 10/5 A, performance 3 VA in cl. 0.5.


voltage transformers 500/100 V, performance 10 VA in cl. 0.5.


1 current step-up transformer 5 + 5 + 5/5 A, performance 8 VA in cl. 0.5


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