Switchgear & Protection Trainer-RA-601A


Model: RA-601A


  1. Show skill in connecting cutout, MCB/MCCB in a circuit.
  2. Test the rating of circuit breaker(6A, 10A)
  3. Demonstrate poly-phase system and phase sequence.
  4. Show skill in connecting Phase Fault Relay
  5. Show skill in phase missing test
  6. Show skill in Overvoltage test
  7. Show skill in Under voltage test
  8. Show skill in phase sequence test
  9. Perform star-delta conversion in a power system.
  10. Study the different parts of a energy meter.
  11. Study the different parts of a Busbar, Thermal over load relay, Magnetic contact, Timer etc.
  12. Measure the energy of a three phase circuit by three phase energy meter.
  13. Perform the identification of the parts of a three phase induction motor.
  14. Start a 3-phase induction motor by star-delta starter using magnetic contactor switch.
  15. Start a 3-phase induction motor by Auto star-delta starter using Timer & magnetic contactor switch.
  16. Categorize different types of fuses and measure the current carrying capacity of HRC fuse.



Three Phase AC/DC Power Supply:

Rated Input Voltage: 400 V AC (±5%) Three Phase 4-wire

Rated Output Voltage: 400 V AC (±5%) Three Phase 4-wire

Rated Output Voltage:0~ 400 V AC (±5%) ,Three Phase 4-wire

Rated Output Current: 5 AC (±5%)

Rated Output Voltage: 120 V DC (±5%) ,5Amp

Rated Output Voltage:0~ 220 V DC (±5%) ,5Amp

Short Circuit Protection Facility

4mm safety jack Connection facility

Air Cooling system facility

Control Board:

Reversible Relay: 1EA

Three Phase Energy Meter: 1 EA

BAS Bar :4EA

Circuit Breaker :3EA (10Amp)

Cartridge Fuse:3EA (10Amp)

HRC Fuse: 3EA (15Amp)

Thermal Overload Relay: 1 EA

Phase fault Relay: 1EA

Digital Timer: 2EA

Magnetic Contractor: 3EA

Selector Switch:2 EA

Rated Input Voltage: 400 V AC (±5%) ,50Hz Three Phase 4-wire

  •  1 Training Manual
  • 4mm safety banana socket
  •  Size (L x W x H)= (60”x36”x12”)
  • Weight: 100Kg (Approx)
  • Power requirements: 220~240V AC, 50Hz
  • Built-in short circuit protection system.





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