Understanding of Spirometry

Understanding of Spirometry

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Model: Scientech 2370



A Spirometer is used to conduct a set of medical tests that are designed to identify and quantify defects and abnormalities of various lung conditions in human respiratory system. These tests also help in monitoring the response of lungs to medical treatment.

Scientech TechBook 2370 Understanding of Spirometry shows different parameters like Tidal Volume (TV), Total Lung Capacity (TLC), Minute Volume (MV), Alveolar Volume (AV) and Residual Volume (RV) on display screen. The graph of flow rate Vs volume and volume Vs time can also be seen on the display screen.


  • LCD display for graphical and numerical value
  • Self contained and easy to operate
  • Precise signal conditioning
  • Sensitive, Linear, Stable & Accurate
  • On-board measuring facility of different parameters
  • Reflect lung function by measuring: Tidal Volume (TV); Total Lung Capacity (TLC); Minute Volume (MV); Alveolar Volume (AV); Residual Volume (RV);
  • Measures air volume up to 6 Liter
  • Separate test points to observe waveform after each block
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Online Product Tutorial

Scope of Learning

Analysis of:

  • Tidal Volume (TV)
  • Minute Volume (MV)
  • Alveolar Volume (AV)
  • Residual Volume (RV)
  • Total Lung Capacity (TLC)
  • Volume / Time Graph

Technical Specifications

  • Sensor : Optical Sensor
  • Signal Amplitude : 0-5 Vpp
  • Parameter / Graph Display : Using LCD display
  • Accuracy       : ± 3% ± 0.1
  • Test Point : 5 nos.
  • Dimension (in mm) : W 326 x D 252 x H 52
  • Power Supply : 100V-240V AC, 50 / 60Hz
  • Weight : 1.5 Kg approximately
  • Operating Condition : 0-40 C, 80% RH Product
  • Tutorial : Online on www.ScientechLearning.com
  • Included Accessories :

*TechBook Power Supply : 1 no.

*Mains Cord : 1 no.

*Mouth Piece : 1 no.



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